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1. Acceptance of the general conditions

·Aquestes general conditions apply to all the services that offers the web of Girorooms Travel and to all the agreements closed between Girorooms Travel and the user of the web.

·L'Use of the place web of Girorooms Travel involves the full and complete acceptance of these general conditions.

·És Very recommended that the user reread these general conditions of use every time that it visit the place web, since Girorooms Travel reserves the right to modify them at all times and without previous notification.

2. Definitions

·Girorooms Travel SL is an agency of voyages Inscribed to the Register of Tourism of Catalonia with the number GC-001956 .

·El Product or service are all the products and services that puts in the sale Girorooms Travel, that include: hotels, transports, voyages combined, apartments, rural houses, packages, experiences, entries, creuers... And all the information that provides Girorooms Travel.

3. Contractual relations

3.1. Realisation of the mission

The process of realisation of the mission is the following:

Once done the search for the user, to the page appear several products or services.

All followed, the user clica on the products or services that wants to purchase.

A presentation detailed of the products and services, in addition to the price, appears to the web

The user can identify and rectificar at all times the errors that appear before carrying out the mission.

The user engage of irrevocable shape to buy the products and services selected in the moment of clicar on the icon.

3.2. Confirmation of the mission

Girorooms Travel confirms without demora to the user the reception of his mission for e-mail, fact that closes the agreement.

Pertoca To the user to ensure that the data given in the moment to do the mission are correct and that allow the treatment of the mission.

Girorooms Travel Does not assume any responsibility if the user do not receive the mission for error or his omission in the moment to enter the data.

Girorooms Travel Will record the agreement closed, that the user can consult in case of complaint.

3.3. Reject Of acceptance of the mission

Girorooms Travel reserves the right, only to own criterion, to subordinate the confirmation of the mission to other conditions, to suspend it or to refuse it, especially in the following cases:

incomplete or wrong Data in the moment to do the mission.

Comandes Previous no paid or authorisation refused by the bank or for the financial organism of the user.

Comandes Of a numeral exaggerated of products or services

In case that a mission was refused, Girorooms Travel will not accept any payment or reemborsarà immediately all the payments received.

4. Price and payment

·Les descriptions of the products or services that appear to the web specify, for each product or service, the benefits included in the price.

·El Payment of the products or services will do via electronic transfer or payment by credit card in the moment to request the product it service confirmed by the customer.

·Es Will do a first corresponding payment to 25% of the total value of the product or service, in concept of reservation. 75% remaining will do cash to the deadline that inform the agency in function of the conditions of the supplier.

·En Case of cancellation once 25% incial Girorooms Travel does not do responsible of can obtain the return for part of the supplier of the pay and signal in concept of reservation that the user has paid.

·En Case that the payment show irregular, incomplete or non-existent, are which was the reason, will cancel the sale of the products or services and the costs that derive of this fact will go to charge of the user. Arrived the case, can undertake a civil action and/or penal against his.

·Girorooms Travel Is authorised legally to demand a compensation, for all the expenses of recovery that derive of the fault of payment, of an equivalent total, at least, to 10% of the sum that owes , as well as the refund of the honoraris of lawyers calculated of reasonable way, and all that, without prejudice to the right of Girorooms Travel to demand more damages and damages.

5. Claims

All the claims referents to his products can address to Girorooms Travel: Avda Coast Brava nº3 - Round Store Local 23. Beach of Aro or in the post electronic

6. Responsibility of Girorooms Travel relative to the use of the place web

·Girorooms Travel does not do responsible, in the measure of what is possible legally, in case of direct or indirect damage caused by a fault or his omission, especially in the following suppositions:

The place web is not available or has a technical operation mentally handicapped person. Girorooms Travel Can interrupt, without previous warning, the access to the web or to a part of the web to his criterion, and/or modify details or functions.

When it contain inaccurate or incomplete data and even when contain errors tipogràfics. The use of the place web does on account and risk of the user.

When the use of the web can comport danger to the user or to his team for fault of virus, attacks of computer pirates or elements or harmful programs.

Girorooms Travel Does not guarantee that the web and the products and services that propose are compatible with the computer team of the user.

·El Place web can contain links to other pertaining webs to third. These links only provide for the comfort of the user. Girorooms Travel Does not assume any responsibility regarding the content of the webs to which these links can redirect the user. Girorooms Travel Does not offer any guarantee regarding the content and to the exactitud of the content of these webs, to which the user accesses for his account and risk.

·En Case that Girorooms Travel, for any reason, was forced to compensate any damage , this compensació only has to cover the direct damages and has to limit to the payment received by Girorooms Travel in exchange for the product or service that have caused the damage. Girorooms Travel Neither assumes any responsibility in case of damage or of indirect loss, loss of profit, loss of gains or damages caused by the interruption of economic activities, for loss of total or partial data.

7. Delivery

·Excepte if it indicates the opposite, the delivery of the products or services commissioned does to the address that the user have indicated in the moment to do the mission and only the user is responsible of the reception of the sending. The user engage to take in consideration the material feasibility of the sending for post in function of the time between the date of the mission and the date of the voyage.

8. Protection of the place web

·El content, the presentation of the place web (texts, disposal, logotypes, etc.), the trading name Girorooms Travel, the brands and other elements constitutius of this web are protected by the intellectual rights of which is headline Girorooms Travel.

·Queda Forbidden the reproduction or communication in public for any means, the adaptation, the translation, the treatment or the utilisation, although it was partial, of the content of this place web without an agreement written and previous with Girorooms Travel.

9. Protection of the data of the customers of the place web

·Girorooms Travel concerns to respect the private life of the customers of the users of the web and has applied measures of security in this sense allocated to protect the personal data of the customers of the users of the web.

·Aquestes Personal data use for:

Execute the mission of the user and treat the payment.

Contact with the customers with commercial purposes.

Inform the customers on Girorooms Travel, his products and services and his place web.

·Girorooms Travel Reserves the right to communicate the personal data of the user to his partners or to organisations with who have a contractual relation.

·Els Customers have right of rectificar, delete or block the inaccurate data, incomplete or no pertinent, as well as the right to oppose to the treatment of his data with fine of direct marketing. To do it, only is necessary to send a request in this sense to

·Quan visits the place web for the first time, Girorooms Travel offers to the user the possibility to choose the language and of desar this preference. Therefore, the user accepts that Girorooms Travel use cookies, that is to say, small files envoys for his server of Internet that record to the hard disk of the user and that recopilen information on the preference of language and carry out a register of the pages visited to the place web. Girorooms Travel Uses cookies to avoid that the user receive the same information of way repeated or in an erroneous language and to adapt the content and the presentation of the place to the type of browser of the user.

10. Obligations of the user of the place web

The user engage to:

Not using the place web of Girorooms Travel with fine illegal or hurtful for the rights of Girorooms Travel or of third, in particular, to not using the web for difondre hurtful or illegal informations, contrary to the good habits, discriminatory or offensive for Girorooms Travel or for third.

Not perturbing the access to the place web, neither access or try access to the computer systems of Girorooms Travel without authorisation, neither modify the web, neither use the web to transmit computer viruses, attacks cibernètics, computer worms, etc.

Respect these general conditions of use.

In case that the user of the web do not respect these obligations, Girorooms Travel reserves the right to forbid and block immediately the access to his place web and demand damages and damages.

11. Several

·El fact that Girorooms Travel do not do use, in a second or other, of one of the disposals of these general conditions will not be able to interpret how a renunciation of Girorooms Travel to do use at a later date.

·En Case that one of the disposals of the general conditions was declared nuŀla or out of effect, will consider as a no written, without that this affect the validity of the other disposals, except if the disposal that declares nuŀla or out of effect is essential and determinant.

12. Applicable legislation and competent court

·Tots the litigis relative to the use of the place web of Girorooms Travel or relative to the products or services encomanats by means of the web of Girorooms Travel are subjected to the Spanish legislation.

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